In recent years the trend of establishments to have specialized glassware has changed. Multi-purpose glassware has taken over. Many busy businesses have made it using only shaker glasses and snifters. The choice is yours.

Any alcohol concentration of 87 proof or greater will ignite if exposed to a direct flame. Many liquors and liqueurs of lesser proof will ignite if heated first and then exposed to a direct flame. CAUTION: People have been maimed drinking flaming shots.

To make floating drinks, layered drinks, pousse-cafe, one must pour the heaviest liqueurs or liqours first, then slowly pour the lighter ones on top over the back of a spoon. If you have time to make drinks ahead of time you can refigerate, and the individul ingredients will seperate themselves in an hour or so.

Frosting And Chilling Glasses
To frost a glass simpy run cold water all over glass and place in freezer. Allow 5-10 minutes for ample frosting. To chill a glass, if time allows just place in a refrigerator for 5 to 10 minutes. If time does not permit, fill glass with ice and let set a minute or two.

Most bars have in their arsenal metal or plastic shaker cups which fit over their glasses. If no shaker cups are available you can pour from one glass to another until mixed.

Stir with spoon in a home atmosphere. In an establisment it is more appropriate to stick a straw or a stirrer into drinks and let the patron stir their own drink. Be careful not to over stir drinkscontaining Champagne, sodas or other sparkling ingredients.

The easiest way to strain a drink is to acquire a metal mixing cup and a drink strainer which fits over the cup. In a bind you can place straws or a knife over cup, and pour very gently.

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